Travel: Current Lusting

It feels like such a long time since I’ve been on a trip, when in reality it was only the start of this year I undertook my biggest trip to date. Life has been so busy that I haven’t really noticed the lack of International Trips (or National for that matter) on the horizon. The Itchy feet still hasn’t completely taken control of my mind so I can’t think of anything else but I know it won’t be long until I am starting to get that way.

There are so many places I want to go but at the moment near the top of the list (both national and international) include;

• Vietnam (Possible End of Year destination, damn flights being pricier at this time of the year).
• Hawaii
• Hobart
• Gisbourne
• Cape Reinga
• Cambodia
• Canada
• Bolivia

What is on your list at the moment?

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Life: What do you want to be (do) when you ‘grow up’

Do you ever think about what you really wanted to do when you ‘grew up’ when you were a child, what it was that made your eyes sparkle and got you excited to grow up.

I actually can’t remember what I wanted to be when I grew up, I can only remember deciding that I wanted to be an accountant at quiet a young age, and the reason why… I was good at maths. Little did I know that 5th form maths would be a huge struggle for me and that accounting wasn’t really something I could get passionate about.

Yet I continued the process and eight years later, boom qualified and I now have no idea if I want to keep using the degree or not. I am coming across all doom and gloom in these work related posts, the thing is, I could keep doing what I’m doing forever and probably be content, provided I don’t have to work stupid hours and get remunerated fairly. The question is more, do I WANT to keep doing what I’m doing and settle for just being content. The work is easy enough, the frustrations are enough that I can let them go as soon as 5pm rolls around and not really give too much thought to them outside of working hours.

I do however envy those people that wake up excited to go to work each day, that is pretty cool and while I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that these people will have ‘off’ days as well, the prospect of being excited to go to work at least some of the time is mightily tempting.

I always thought I would end up doing something online based, blogging or selling products etc, perhaps not full time but at least part time and it’s something I am very interested in yet have never really had the time to pursue further. I do have my heel business and this blog which to be honest both have been rather sporadic over the last couple of years, due to the aforementioned time pressures. (Not that I like using time as an excuse, it’s more a matter of priorities!)

I have also in recent years become very interested in getting my Personal Training qualification, which turns out doesn’t appear to be that difficult to get (compared to doing a degree and post grad via correspondance that is!), although I may struggle with the sciency type stuff.

Another idea I have entertained is Management Accounting for a small-mid sized firm, which I think would be interesting and given my degree and two diplomas were in management, there was a reason for it; I enjoyed it more than financial accounting.

Time to grow up and make some decisions huh, or be childish and do something completely random 😉

So what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?
How does what your doing now compare to your thoughts when you were a child?

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Healthy: Don’t trust a ‘Healthy’ Recipe

I am getting seriously sick of seeing recipes for healthy this and healthy that and clicking in to them and seeing two cups of sugar in the ingredient list…. um what part of that is healthy?


In fact, the latest culprit of this was a recipe I saw for a Healthy Saltana and Bran Loaf, and from a well known New Zealand baker at that. The ingredient list was my type of recipe, only 5 ingredients all of which I could pronounce and most of which you would have in your pantry if you were ever inclined to bake.  The instruction list was just as impressive, soak the fruit, bran and sugar in the milk for 10 minutes, add the flour, mix and pop in the oven (go do something that makes you happy, or clean the house for 1.5 hours), cool and eat.

That is me through and through, don’t give me a huge long list of ingredients, this herb that spice blah blah I like things quick and easy, but tasty. I also have a HUGE sweet tooth which I am trying to keep at bay so all my teeth don’t fall out, I don’t get fat and my insides don’t rot (ok this may be an exaggeration but ya know!).

This brings me back to my point, two cups of sugar in this Healthy recipe?!

The ones that claim they are healthy and have 1/4 cup brown sugar whilst not ideal, I can live with, provided the recipe has a decent number of servings. A little bit of sugar can’t be THAT bad. And sometimes things just taste better with a little bit of sugar or butter!

So next time you want a healthy recipe, think about the ingredients that go into it and decide whether or not it actually is healthy, don’t believe it just because the title claims that is it healthy. ‘

Ever been caught out with the ‘healthy’ recipe trap?

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Life: Jadelle Implant Update

When I wrote this post about getting the Jadelle Implant back in November 2012 I never thought it would become one of my most popular posts.

I’ve had a number of comments, some from people who have had some terrible problems with the implant and some that are swearing by it. I thought I would give a bit of an update as to how it has gone for me 10 months later.

I wrote the original post as I found a lack of information from real people (ie. not health websites) detailing their experiences (both good and bad). If I did find any information it was generally the bad experiences, yet when I had spoken to people I knew that had the implant they had almost unanimously had good experiences. I think this comes from a habit we kiwi’s have of shouting from the roof tops when things don’t go the way we expected, yet we tend to keep quiet when we are satisfied with something and only occasionally shout from the rooftops when we have a really good experience.

So 10 months on;

  • I can now see my rods which was something I was originally worried about, I now couldn’t care less. I had that many questions when my arm was all bruised up from getting the implant that I now don’t care if people ask me, and by large I hardly ever get queried about it. Whilst you can see them they are on the inside of your arm which doesn’t tend to be that exposed (well at least for me).
  • I have had a couple of proper periods, albeit very light ones compared to what I used to have. And I also had a random 6 month patch of no periods and no spotting.
  • I have had a few days of random spotting which is almost a brown colour rather than red and is nothing more than a little annoying.
  • I have had a few emotional moments which I’m reluctant to blame solely on the Jadelle but feel like it may have played a part, thank you hormones.
  • I have not experienced any weight gain, although I have been working very hard at the gym and watching my eating a lot more than I ever used to.
Do you have any other questions on my experience with the Jadelle Implant?


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Life: 2013 Goals – How are we going?

Usually I do a post reflecting on how this years goals have gone as at the middle of the year, we are officially well past the middle of the year but thought I’d check in and see how I’m going anyway.

My original goals were;

  •  Finally do the Tongariro Crossing, need to do this before winter! Boom, Done!
  •  Finally do the Bridge to nowhere trip, also need to lock this in before winter. Boom, Done!
  • Decrease BF% by 3% over the year, no more focus on the scales. I am hoping 3% is realistic as that will have me down on the border of the lean and optimal on the BF% scale at our gym, seeing as I have lost the best part of 4% over the past 6 months. If I reach this I think I will be pretty stoked. Boom, Done!
  • Move this blog to its own domain and do regular blog posts, finally friggen finally! Haha, there is still time and it’s still on the list.
  • Get back into scrapbooking, this past 6 months or so have seen no new pages completed, granted the past 4 or so months I have not had an area to scrapbook. Will need to wangle space to scrapbook into the move 😉 Haha, I did do a few pages at the start of the year then that kind of fizzled out, there is still time. 
  •  I started to write Move to Auckland, but that is not a goal, it is happening. The goal is to find my place up there and be settled and happy there. Half complete, moved and reasonably settled and happy, just have to decide what I want to do workwise.
  •  Find an awesome job and like the move find my place, make some friends and be settled and happy there. Eh, found a job, it’s ok. Everyone at work is friendly but no real friends as yet, despite that I am comfortable and happy living here. 
  •  Knock a couple of item’s off the bucket list, perhaps;
  • Hike the Tongariro Crossing (as above) Boom, DoneVisit La Tour Eiffel at Night (bring on this trip!) Half done, didn’t see it at night but saw it, close enough for me.
  • Have an apartment in a biggish city (Auckland could possibly knock this one out) In under two weeks we will be in our new apartment in Auckland.
  • Soak in the beauty of a sunset on a beach with a person I love (who know’s when a beach, person I love and myself will all find ourselves together but maybe this year 😉 ) I call this half done, we half watched the sunset over Venice beach in Los Angeles as we were walking back.
  • Take dorky photos in front of the leaning tower of Pisa (forgot I even had this on the list, what would you know, going to Pisa!) Half done, took photo’s, the dorky leaning ones are rather hard when you are by yourself. I call this done as it wasn’t a HAVE to do thing for me.

The ones I have finished are the ones I thought I would end up completing and the ones that I haven’t managed to get done yet are the ones that I wouldn’t have been surprised if I didn’t reach them when I wrote them at the start of the year.

Four and a half months to knock the rest out of the way, realistically I may not knock anymore down but that’s ok by me, although by the end of the year I would like to definitely have the work situation sorted and know if this is what I want to continue doing or not.

Have you met any goals you wanted to this year, or have anything you really want to knock off before the end of the year?

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Life: Everything other than work in the Move

Work rant aside (see my previous post) I am enjoying living in a big city, something to tick off the bucket list now huh!

I am strangely enough enjoying the walk to and from work each day, and unsurprisingly to me I get frustrated on days I need to take the bus as it takes almost as long. The one rant I do have is how long you have to wait for the traffic lights if you get them when they just go red! The walk is approximately 25-30minutes depending on how quickly I walk which is largely dependent on if I am running late, if I have my iPod in and my choice of shoes that morning.

The things you need to remember when it’s too hard to go home and back in a lunch break if you forget something can be a little frustrating but all a learning experience, note to self, I really should have a phone charger at work and one at home as my phone is rather useless and if I leave the internet turned on it dies every day if not charged the night before.

Living together is working out, we haven’t killed each other (yet – jokes), nor has the urge arisen (from my end at least, ha!) and while there are still things we are learning about each other and I guess learning to live with someone again, I think we are doing pretty well. Other than my random teary freak out in the first week (seriously WTF, I will not get used to this happening and hope being up here will put an end to that), it feels like home being up here.

We have signed a tenancy agreement and move into our new apartment in just under two weeks’ time and I can’t wait! It will be nice to have something a little bigger, even though it’s still only a small one bedroom apartment. I am very lucky in that it is literally just around the corner from my work and at a guess around 1km from the gym. There are heaps of yum looking places to eat near the apartment and it will be nice to sit outside in the courtyard in the summer.

The gym is better than I expected for a gym in a big city, last time I went to a gym up here it was jam packed and I didn’t really enjoy it at all. We’ve been to this gym straight after work a few times now and while it’s busy it’s not unbearable which is good.

I am looking forward to getting out and exploring what this city I now call home has to offer, now we just need a spare weekend to begin exploring!

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Life: A new job and all that Jazz

Last time I wrote about this move to Auckland I was jobless and still a couple of months out from the move.

I think I will break down my ‘move to Auckland’ posts into two, one for work and one for ‘personal’ feelings and reflections as the work one alone will be relatively long and a lot for me to get my head around.

I have now had a week off work and been in Auckland working for a couple of weeks (yep, got one of those jobs I was waiting to hear back on during the time I wrote my last post). I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the move up here to be honest. Workwise my prior job was all I’d ever know, I’d been there for 8.5years when I left and was able to do any job I was given fairly easily. We were always busy which worked well for me as I’m not the best when I don’t have a lot of work to do. I procrastinate something ridiculous, until I know there are a few meaty jobs lined up for me.

I always thought it would be cool to work for a bigger firm at some stage and now I’ve got something about three times the size of what I was at. The people are nice enough, the work so far is pretty straight forward, yet I have this sense of being bored shitless half the time.

It might be something to do with the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing half the time as I’ve had no real training as to how they do anything here, and the one job I’ve fully completed I have yet to have the review notes back so I have no idea how I went. The actual work was simple, a type of job I’ve done numerous times before, however the planning and how they document stuff is completely different.

I’m not really sure if this ‘boredness’ is just due to change that is all foreign to me or that it’s time for a proper change of direction in what I want to do in life. I studied accounting as I’d randomly decided to do that as a child and once I make up my mind I tend to stick to stuff so completed the degree and post grad and PAS/PCE and became Chartered, the move to Audit was because they needed someone in that role and I hated accounting at the time so it seemed fitting. I Stuck with audit because I was good at it and it was easy to me, it has become second nature and on one hand I’m not sure how I could do anything else, but on the other hand It’s not something I’m passionate about.

I think I’ve hit the ‘what now!?’ phase that I was expecting to hit as soon as I finished studying, all that time and effort and now it’s kind of like, what did I do all that for?

For now I’m going to give it a few months where I am and see how I feel after that and then re-evaluate. I’ve been wanting to do a Personal Training Cert for a while now so maybe that’s something I could look into while I try and workout exactly where I want to be in 5-10 years time.

I guess this post is just me trying to work through it all and see what my next move is. Thanks life for throwing a curveball 😉

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Life: Operation getting a new job

Life has this crazy way of throwing curve balls and every so often you look back a year or two from where you are currently and wonder how things changed so quickly.  Life changes for both the good and the bad and the past year has brought some of the toughest decisions and the best decisions at the same time.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have handed in my resignation at work and now have less than a month until I move to Auckland. The only things I have struggled with in this decision are;

  • It can’t come soon enough!
  • Handing in my resignation was pretty tough as I have worked there for over 8 years and it was my first real full time job.
  • The job search.

The last one is the point of this post, I have had quiet a few average nights sleep over the job search and for no real reason in particular as I don’t NEED to have a job before I get up there. Financially I could manage for a number of months without a job, but I think I would go stir crazy, the first few weeks would be awesome though 😉

I have had a few interviews now and a couple of rejections, the reason for the rejections perfectly understandable (experience in a certain area of audit) although a little disheartening even though you know the decision is logical and that I would’ve never been happy in those jobs regardless.

I have a second interview on Monday at a place I interviewed at a few weeks ago and got the best vibe from so far, and I have experience in most of the areas they work in, although only a little experience in some areas. But they liked me enough for a second interview so we will see what happens. Definitely not counting chickens at this stage.

This second interview includes an aptitude test (good times), not entirely sure what this will involve but I am terrible at tests and exams so hopefully it’s pretty basic!

Wish me Luck 😉

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Exercise: Results over the last year

The last year has been a bit of a journey for me health wise, joining a ‘real’ gym and (mostly) pushing myself in the gym.

My downfall has always been my food, although the majority of the time I am pretty good and the bodyfat results from June 2012 compared to June 2013 show the effort I have been putting in.

It’s a little scary putting the exact measurements out on a public forum but screw what people think! Clearly I have historically (and to a certain extent still do) held my weight around my middle, the belly and iliac measurements prove this. This does mean I have met my target of dropping my BF% by 3% this year, all within the first 6 months, excitement! New goal time!
While I’m still not 100% happy I don’t pull faces when I see myself in the mirror anymore (winning) and feel a lot more comfortable in my body.

In other exercise related news I tried the Kettlebell snatch today, possible new favorite exercise! I never get arm exercises as favorites (although it would be a full body one I guess), my last two were the leg press and hack squat. Try it out, it’s easier than it looks and gets the heart rate up pretty much as high as running! Anything that means less cardio in the gym is a win for me…

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Life: Living it

How is it June already, seriously where did the first half of the year go?
Not that I’m complaining it mean’s I’m that much closer to being up in Auckland!

I’ve been managing to keep myself pretty busy over the last month or so, and also broken the internet on my laptop meaning I can only go on the internet at home when the network chord is plugged in, which is slightly too short to reach up to my room so my internet time recently has been either at work at lunchtime or a short time after dinner where I am feeling too lazy *cough* tired to do any blogging.

The past 6 weeks I’ve started Saturday Netball and Wednesday practices, resigned from my job (eep, more about that in another post), had three face to face interviews, one telephone interview and one skype interview for different jobs (still waiting on an answer from two), went to a spin class (legs weren’t as sore as expected), applied my first fake tan (not on me ;)) and bronzer for two different body building competitions (first time was the weirdest feeling ever, second time was strangely normal) and had a number of dinners out (taking advantage of being close to friends and cheap midweek dinner deals, hello $7 burger and fries!).

And how about that weather eh, it’s beautiful outside today but boy it’s turned cold. I have had about 10 days of not wanting to go to the gym and just wanting to go home and eat comfort food, made worse by the feeling that I need to comfort eat when I’m sad (sick of long friggen distance) and when I’m stressed (hello resigning from the job and now not having one secure / going for interviews).

These pretty flowers I was given always make me smile, especially when I’m feeling down, how did he know yellow roses are my fave? Good luck or have I mentioned it on the blog before? 😉

Back into it this week, it’s almost reassessment time at the gym for the last time before I move!

The next 6 weeks will involve trying to sell / clear out the crap I don’t need and won’t have the room for in Auckland and trying to secure a job, fun times ahead 😛

What has been happening in your world?

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